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About Us

Kemerli Metal was established in in June 2008 in Kayseri. In our plant with a surface area of 23,000 m², we provide service for bed and furniture industry with our industrial stable manufacturing operations under the brand of Kemerli and for construction industry by manufacturing steel concrete fibres under the brand of Kemerix.


What is Kemerix?

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Kemerix Steel Fibre Reinforcement

It is steel wire made of highly resistant steel in line with CE and TSE standards and added into concrete.

It is known that the efforts for equipping certain materials with fibres and improving their certain properties data back to far in the past. Use of adobe material with herbal fibre and straw dates back to before Common Era.

Static tensile stress is avoided in design of concrete elements due to poor tensile strength of concrete. In case of dynamic loadings, tensile stress is avoidable. Tensile stress leads to deformation of concrete by causing to various cracks instead of a single. The most effective method for increasing strength and ductility of concrete against development of cracks is reinforcing the concrete by steel fibres.

Steel fibres scatter homogenously in a controlled and safe manner in every direction of steel including surface and edges thanks to its sticky structure. Thus, a 3D reinforcement system is obtained.

Kemerix provides ductility for brittle concrete structure. Concrete absorbs higher structural loads and thus gains a more active resistance against deformations such as cracking and breaking. In this way, the durability, in other words service life, of the structure is improved.


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