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Tunnels and Mines

Shotcrete is applied by pulverizing specially designed concrete with finer grains and higher cement content by pressurized pumps. The areas of use of shotcrete are very extensive including tunnels, subways, mines, dams and screed stabilization projects. Use of wire mesh with shotcrete brings along the following problems during and following the application:

Placement of wire mesh is quite difficult, time consuming and prone to occupational accidents.
In wire mesh coating, adherence of concrete greatly vary due to mesh and rebound rate reaches to 40% especially on the roof.
In wire mesh shotcrete applications, disadvantages of coating in terms of section geometry leads to failure in placement of wire mesh with appropriate concrete cover and excessive use of shotcrete .
Use of wire mesh leads to failure in coating the gap between tunnel geometry and mesh and thus resistance is compromised due to coating’s being open to external factors such as moisture and water.
Benefits of Kemerix Applications for Shotcrete Applications;
It ensures workmanship and time savings by eliminating the wire mesh. It prevents occupational accidents.
Steel fibre reinforced shotcrete has smaller coating thickness compared to wire mesh coating due to its carrying properties and steel fibre reinforced shotcrete coatings provide advantages compared to shotcrete coatings containing wire mesh in terms of section geometry and thus use of the former method provides cost effectiveness in the projects by use of less shotcrete.
Ductility feature, which is the most significant feature in case of dynamic stresses displaying instant and large-scale destruction a la rock bursts, is ensured by steel fibre reinforced shotcrete coatings.
In shotcrete coatings, effective control of cracks that may be caused by contraction movement, use of explosives and dynamic effect of rock bursts can be ensured by use of steel fibre reinforcement with higher power absorption capacity.
It prevents formation of cracks.