Sustainability Policy

Kemerli Metal Sustainability Policy

Kemerli Metal is an organization that aims to play a leading role in building a sustainable future and has put ethical and environmental responsibility principles at the center of its business. This policy details our company’s commitment to reduce its corporate carbon footprint, fulfill its social responsibilities, and ensure economic sustainability. Our Company’s Sustainability Policy clearly articulates its sustainability philosophy by adopting a transparent, open, and holistic approach. This policy guides by setting out how our business model integrates sustainability and our company’s commitments in this area. It also provides a governance and audit framework to ensure the effectiveness of the policy and its compliance within the company, so that it is acted upon in a manner consistent with other corporate principles and policies.

This sustainability policy embodies Kemerli Metal’s commitment to a sustainable future and calls on all our employees to realize this vision. The success of our policy depends on the participation and commitment of each and every one of us.

Our Mission & Our Vision & Extent

Our Mission: Our company aims to manage environmental, economic, and social impacts in a balanced manner by assuming a pioneering role in the field of sustainability. We place sustainability principles at the heart of our business strategies to reduce our environmental impact by protecting natural resources, contributing to social needs, and creating economic value. With this mission, we aim to increase the long-term prosperity of both our company and society.

Our Vision: Our company’s vision is to leave a livable world for future generations by placing sustainability principles at the center of our business processes and decisions. We continuously strive to minimize our environmental impact, support social development, and ensure economic success sustainably. Our vision is to raise awareness and lead the way in sustainability not only in our own business but also in society at large.

Extent: Our Sustainability Policy covers all employees, processes, suppliers, and business partners of our company operating in Organized Industrial Zone 20th Street No:62 Melikgazi/KAYSERİ.

Our company aims to protect natural resources and reduce our environmental impact by fulfilling its environmental commitments. In this context, we aim to ensure environmental sustainability by promoting environmentally friendly practices such as the use of renewable energy, waste management, and water conservation in our business processes. To reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, we consider environmental factors in the design and production stages.

Resource Efficiency: We continuously review our production processes and business operations and evaluate opportunities for improvement. We develop efficiency projects to optimize the use of energy, water, and raw materials and transition to renewable energy sources. Through waste management programs, we strive to reduce the amount of waste and encourage recycling. We also aim to create a sustainable business culture by raising awareness of our employees and suppliers on resource efficiency.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and combating climate change by reducing our carbon footprint. In line with this goal, we take measures to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. We focus on reducing emissions and minimizing waste by reviewing our production processes and logistics operations. We also prefer alternative and sustainable transportation methods to reduce carbon emissions in travel and transportation. We raise awareness of our employees and suppliers on carbon reduction and encourage them to cooperate.

Energy and Water Efficiency: Our company aims to use resources effectively and reduce our environmental impact by prioritizing energy and water efficiency. Accordingly, we aim to minimize energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment and encourage the transition to renewable energy sources.

Waste Management and Recycling: Our Company aims to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to the protection of natural resources by prioritizing waste management and recycling. Accordingly, we continuously improve our processes to reduce waste generation and encourage the separation of waste at source. We also conduct clean production activities to create a symbiotic approach and reuse waste through recycling facilities and programs. We support a sustainable waste management culture by raising awareness of our employees and business partners on waste management and recycling.

Our company aims to create a sustainable business model by fulfilling its economic commitments. To this end, we aim to gain the trust of our stakeholders by adopting transparent and honest financial practices. We also aim to increase efficiency by effectively managing our business processes and to deliver value to our customers by pursuing a competitive pricing policy. We are committed to achieving sustainable economic growth based on mutual trust and cooperation by building fair and long-term relationships with our business partners. Thus, we are on our way to becoming a socially and environmentally responsible business as well as an economically successful one.

Sustainable Supply Chain: Together with our suppliers, we will develop and implement sustainability standards at every stage of our supply chain. Working in collaboration with all stakeholders that make up our supply chain, we strive to promote and adopt environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable practices. By respecting fair trade principles and human rights, we aim to minimize impacts and drive positive change in our supply chain. We also encourage our suppliers to comply with sustainability standards and provide our resources to support them in doing so. By creating a sustainable supply chain, we aim to add value to our society, environment, and future generations.

Innovation and Sustainable Investments: Innovation is the basis for continuously improving our business processes and products from a sustainability perspective. In this direction, we continuously invest in research and development, produce innovative solutions, and develop sustainability-compatible business models. We believe that our sustainable investments will benefit our stakeholders and the environment in both the short and long term. Therefore, we are committed to progress in the field of innovation and sustainable investments and to creating solutions for a sustainable future.

As a part of our society, we are aware of our social responsibility and are sensitive to the various needs of society. We strive to create effective and sustainable solutions in areas such as education, health, workforce development, and community development. We collaborate with local communities and develop projects tailored to their needs in order to contribute to the welfare of society and support social justice. We also embrace the principles of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion by creating a working environment that promotes diversity. In this way, by fulfilling our social commitments, we aim to add value to society and build a sustainable future.

Occupational Health and Safety: The health and safety of our employees is our top priority. By continuously improving OHS standards, we aim to achieve zero occupational accidents in all our work areas. We also assess and mitigate risks in the workplace, create emergency plans, and take measures for continuous improvement. We set standards and procedures to protect the safety and health of our employees and promote an occupational health and safety culture throughout the company.

Training and Career Opportunities: Our company offers various training and career opportunities to support the personal and professional development of our employees and to help them achieve their career goals. We offer a variety of opportunities such as continuing education programs, professional development courses, and leadership training to help our employees maximize their potential. We also enable our employees to develop their skills and competencies by focusing on promotion and advancement opportunities in our internal management policies. Thus, we ensure that our employees are best prepared to increase both their individual success and the success of our company.

We identify and support social needs and contribute to the development of our society through various social projects and programs. We continuously assess our social contributions and look for opportunities for improvement, thereby continuously increasing our efforts to provide more value to society.

Social Responsibility Projects: Understanding the needs of our society, we develop and implement projects in areas such as environmental awareness, education, health, social development, and support for disadvantaged groups. Through these projects, we aim to improve the quality of life in our society and strive for a fairer world. By encouraging the participation of our employees and stakeholders, we raise awareness of social responsibility and aim to create a sustainable impact. By continuously evaluating the effectiveness of these projects, we continue our efforts to make real and positive changes in our society.

Training and Awareness Raising: Our Company aims to increase the level of knowledge of society and raise awareness through training and awareness-raising activities. Through training programs, we support our employees and society to improve their knowledge and skills on various topics. In particular, we receive awareness-raising training from professionals in their fields on issues such as environmental protection, sustainability, health, and safety.

Progress Reports: Annual sustainability reports will be published to track our progress and provide transparency.

Reward System: A reward system will be established for employees and departments that stand out in achieving sustainability goals.