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Industrial Ground

Industrial ground concretes, a component of the structure system, must keep its carrying function for a long time without deformations such as cracking and wearing out. Industrial ground concrete exposed to traffic loads of trucks, TIRs, forklifts etc. must also be able to bear store and shelf loads of materials with high unit volume weight. The fatigue resistance of floor slab must be high due to permanent load effect. Ground concretes must have as less joint as possible so as not to affect operation of material carrying and storage systems and require maintenance frequently. Abrasion resistance must be high to prevent dusting on the surface. The floor slab must have sufficient bending resistance so as to transfer loads to sub-ground without deformation. Therefore, the ground concrete should be designed in a manner satisfying needs and expectations of users. An industrial ground concrete frequently requiring maintenance will both bring along a higher repair cost and lead to loss of work during the repairing. The advantages of using Kemerix for industrial ground concretes are as following:

Steel fibre reinforcements scatter homogenously within the concrete. A 3D reinforcement system is obtained.
Load bearing capacity of the concrete is improved.
Thanks to increase in power absorption capacity of concrete, its fatigue and impact resistance is improved.
Effective crack control is ensured. Micro cracks are eliminated and thus mechanical properties of concrete are greatly improved and formation of macro cracks is prevented. Maintenance costs are reduced.
Serviceability of the structure during its service life, in other words its durability, is improved.
It eliminates the labour of wire mesh by being directly added in the concrete plant or transit mixer.
Assembly failures that may be caused by traditional reinforcement (depth of concrete cover, overlap length etc.) are eliminated.
Total project cost is reduced.