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Concrete Pavements

Concrete pavements are designed basing on the factors such as bearing capacity of the ground, traffic load, and existing and prospective traffic volume as well as driving safety and comfort and ground and environmental conditions. Road superstructure must have sufficient strength and resistance and it is directly exposed to traffic load and environmental conditions during its service life. The factors wearing out the concrete used for concrete pavements include temperature and humidity changes and difference, freezing/dissolution, overloads, permanent loads and hazardous chemicals. The most significant aspect of concrete pavement design is to determine the thickness of concrete coating. The behaviour of concrete coating laid on the base course is theoretically similar to the behaviour of rigid sheets laid on flexible ground. The advantages of using Kemerix in concrete pavements include the following:

Bearing capacity of the concrete pavement is improved and thus it transmits such loads in a safe manner by spreading it on a wider area.
It enhances fatigue resistance of concrete to permanent loads.
It prevents formation of macro cracks by intercepting the micro cracks that may arise from freezing/dissolution effect.
Longitudinal cracks are effectively reduced and thus driving safety and comfort is ensured.