President’s Message

Board Chairman

Kemerli Group

Our valuable Employees,

Our precious Stakeholders,

As Kemerli Group, we are proud of being one of the prominent enterprises of Turkey thanks to our principle of ‘’Continuity in Change and Improvement’’ and thus our operations in Turkey and abroad. We will proceed on our way with more confident steps by adopting changes and innovations. Relying on our core values, we will change and improve our strategies and targets.

Recording a growth of 90% since our commissioning in 2008, our company will further increase its growth rate by new investments and organizational changes. Our objective is to be a preferred country in Turkey and then in neighbouring countries.

Thanks to our sustainable growth strategy and great efforts and investments made for Research and Development operations, Kemerli Group maintains its innovative manufacturing activities with its 4 brands, each directing its respective industries: Kemerli, Kemerix, Kemex and Kemerli Tarım.

Our colleagues, which form our human resources, are our most significant treasure by their skills, experiences and innovative mind-sets. We run with our confidence in our young and talented staff to whom we attach great significance. Our aim is to provide our valuable customers with quality in a reliable manner.

Our company, thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit, will continue to create value for Turkey and the globe by significance attached to its employees, customers, stakeholders and environment.

Best regards,
Board Chairman