Satisfaction Survey

Your opinions and suggestions are important to us.

Satisfaction Survey

    Dear Customer,

    Your views are very important to us in order to provide you better service and prepare more accurate solutions to your needs.

    Necessary improvement studies will be started in the light of the results to be removed from the survey.
    Our aim is to produce better services for you.

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    Assessment Criteria

    How do you find our product quality?

    Communication of our company staff with our valued customers

    The approach of our business personnel when you encounter a problem

    Ease of accessing the information you want about our products

    The delivery times of our products

    Response time to problems with our products

    Suggestion for solutions to problems with our products

    User reviews about our products

    Promotional and advertising works on behalf of our brand

    Your overall assessment of our company

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    Headquarters: O.S.B. 20. Cad. No:62 38070
    Melikgazi/Kayseri / Türkiye
    444 7 489
    +90 (352) 322 13 84